I’m rational, irrational. I can create and
un-create. My mind, it has no… I have built my mind to
have no horizons. My mind is horizonless. So anarchy is my
friend. And I see in that anarchy… (anarchy, when it is
practiced, it is called ‘anarchy’, when it is realized it
is called ‘Infinity’) and that’s what God is. And you don’t
know anything about
God. And this thing I always found out: five million people
do not know what God is. It is such a ridiculous thing!
What we have done is taken a genie, put him in bottle, and
said, “This is a genie. This is a genie.”, and we hang it
around and collect the money and build churches. Thanks to
the acid rain they are all falling apart. But what I am
trying to tell you is: tomorrow you will build the
gurdwaras also, the same thing happens.

What we have done is, God is an Infinity. Infinity, when
realized, is a wonderful asset. But when not realized, it
is anarchy. So my mental anarchy is great and I don’t mind
it. But under the circumstances, I want to assure you of
something, that within that anarchy there is a polarity.
You want to stretch out thin. That’s anarchy. You want to
do things beyond practical. You have to have a dream that’s
wonderful, but you have to have a practical reality to it.
That is you. That’s what you are.
So God has created you out of His own anarchy to find out,
to realize His own Infinity. So I mean, God is fine. Keep
Him in a box. That’s okay. Make a pedestal, put Him on it.
That’s okay. God can enjoy Himself. God created us, that’s
one mistake. Secondly, He’s maintaining us, that’s another
mistake. Thirdly He has to finish us. That’s the third
mistake. But after He finishes with us and we are finished
with Him, we have got to go to Him. And that’s our problem.
It’s not God’s problem. For God’s sake, realize it! God is
very clever. He’s everywhere, He knows what we are doing,
and He doesn’t know what we are NOT doing. We know what we
are doing, and He knows what He’s doing. But after a while
you have got to go back to God. And that is all what is
called “maya.”


Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa

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