Please read this book. You can read it online.
Rather than going to Netflix or HBO or somewhere else to enjoy 16+ horror or conspiracy videos, read this book.

On personal level, it’s one man’s honest account of losing almost everything, being threatened and beaten, and fighting what seems an uphill battle with social workers, courts, police and media.

On global level, it duly warns of uses of NLP, hacking, brainwashing, drugs and torture for mind control purposes to hide nefarious activities within closed circuit cults.

Abusive Cults in the U.K.

Jah Billah – Righteous Man Dub (2009)

Taken straight from REVOLUTIONARY DUB VIBRATIONS – CHAPTER ONE featuring original back cover art work.
Jah Billah – Righteous Man Dub
Music by Jah Billah.
Mastered at Don Fe studios. 2009.

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AI 5G by 2020

5G network is the talk of electric globe.
According to Ericsson, “By 2024, 5G is expected to cover more than 40% of the world’s population.
5G promise a lot of things:
“Basically, …to provide a real wireless world…the year 2020 will bring a revolutionary change in the field of Communication system where everybody is connected from anywhere, at any time.
You hear about Internet of Things (IoT).
“It is a hyper-connected computing environment that builds on the following: (1) Broadband wireless internet connectivity; (2) Miniaturised sensors built into everyday objects; and (3) Collaborative robots (Cobots), supported by AI and machine learning, interpreting the Big Data collected by the sensors.”

IoT will be run by artificial intelligence (AI).
Ericsson reports that “More than half of service providers – a total of 53 percent – expect to have adopted AI within their networks by the end of 2020. Some are working to an even shorter timescale, and expect to have adopted AI by the end of this year. A further 19 percent are looking at an adoption timescale of within 3 to 5 years.”
According to IOT ANALYTICS, this AI will take over control in transportation, industry , health care and security.
However, before your smart car drives you trough smart city rolling your smart spliffs, hear about what comes up ugly in all of this:
Surveillance state using smart weapons autonomous killing systems to replace you with robot work force bringing on Terminator’s Judgment Day Skynet.