Haris Pilton meets Greg Evans – Ting A Ling

Crucial vibes from Haris Pilton and Greg Evans coming up with roots, dub and jungle cuts on Ting A Ling EP for Such A Vibe records.
Nobody sleep on this!



Roots in Session sound with Lockdown Ska riddim out today!

Check the entire riddim on Soundcloud.


Benny Page – Turn Down The Lights – LsDirty Bootleg

Jah Billah says: bootleg of a remix is good for you.

It’s truly incredible how far can reggae sample go on.
I remember running a dubstep/jungle refix of this classic Benny Page tune. Now hear this raggatek version by @lsdirty!
Cause it’s friday, you aint got nothing better to do…but bun Babylon!
#LsDirty #Bootleg
#Benny Page #TurnDownTheLights


Jah Billah – Righteous Man Dub (2009)

Taken straight from REVOLUTIONARY DUB VIBRATIONS – CHAPTER ONE featuring original back cover art work.
Jah Billah – Righteous Man Dub
Music by Jah Billah.
Mastered at Don Fe studios. 2009.

Get it here: https://dubvibrations.wordpress.com



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AI 5G by 2020

5G network is the talk of electric globe.
According to Ericsson, “By 2024, 5G is expected to cover more than 40% of the world’s population.
5G promise a lot of things:
“Basically, …to provide a real wireless world…the year 2020 will bring a revolutionary change in the field of Communication system where everybody is connected from anywhere, at any time.
You hear about Internet of Things (IoT).
“It is a hyper-connected computing environment that builds on the following: (1) Broadband wireless internet connectivity; (2) Miniaturised sensors built into everyday objects; and (3) Collaborative robots (Cobots), supported by AI and machine learning, interpreting the Big Data collected by the sensors.”

IoT will be run by artificial intelligence (AI).
Ericsson reports that “More than half of service providers – a total of 53 percent – expect to have adopted AI within their networks by the end of 2020. Some are working to an even shorter timescale, and expect to have adopted AI by the end of this year. A further 19 percent are looking at an adoption timescale of within 3 to 5 years.”
According to IOT ANALYTICS, this AI will take over control in transportation, industry , health care and security.
However, before your smart car drives you trough smart city rolling your smart spliffs, hear about what comes up ugly in all of this:
Surveillance state using smart weapons autonomous killing systems to replace you with robot work force bringing on Terminator’s Judgment Day Skynet.

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Reggaewise – Into the Wise

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KGS & Jamalski – Warrior Steppa / Soldiers In Jah Army

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BBC Sound Effects

16,016 BBC Sound Effects are made available by the BBC…”  for non-commercial or educational purposes, so gwan check them all.  Yugoslav Chatter a mi favourite.

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Gypsy Unit – Sorry Mr. Policeman (FOKUS REMIX FEAT. KILLO KILLO)


On God as Placebo

The placebo effect may be a good example to begin with. Although it maintains the almost paradoxical definition as being “medically ineffectual” though being regularly responsible for a “perceived or actual improvement in a medical condition”, we may at least say for certain that the logically derived mechanisms for its effectiveness are somewhere rooted within thought itself, or, believing that the placebo will actually do some good. This belief-derived effect has sometimes manifested itself in the stimulation and activation of the immune and nervous system, almost as if they were being sent the message to “prepare themselves” for the faux-medicine. With this fact in mind, it becomes quickly apparent that consciousness itself may have a direct impact on the physical, material body. As a revision of that thought, it may be more correctly assumed that the body itself is a participating member in the whole of, and is connected to what we tend to convey as consciousness, whatever it may or may not truly be.

In this sense, it may have been necessary for early man to externalize his most pressing worries and desires in the form of Gods; aggregates of thought which were granted governance and supremacy over various aspects of the human condition, and by way of some manner of religious surrenderance, ritualistic re-internalization or perceived divine contact, they might have occasionally managed to bridge the mirrored aspects of that particular god within themselves.

In other words, the imminent juxtaposition between that which was birthed from the internal, made external and given the mask of an anthropomorphic personification of some desire or trouble, connected back to, understood through its own voice and by means of some primordial placebo effect might have indeed aided the species in regards to their budding acclamation and comprehension of such alien subjects as agriculture, mathematics, metallurgy, more fair and concise political and cultural systems and the continued and burning libertarian ideals of the civilized human agenda. Big stuff, indeed, however…

Even today we live alongside various Gods and spirits, although we may have abandoned the practice of their anthropomorphization, but even this is not always the case. One may easily argue, given this point of view, that the ideal and concept of Liberty had been anthropomorphized into one of the best known and most recognizable Goddess monuments in the modern world; the statue of liberty. If one were to really get into the subject, he or she may become astounded by the sheer measure of calculation and pretentiousness demonstrated by the Freemasons and others in the laying out and architecture within Washington DC, with many historical buildings and monuments being made and placed in accordance with the constellation and symbolism ofthe Goddess Virgo. Some still may be taken aback when learning of the rituals held by the Bohemian Grove, an exclusive club where the wealthy and powerful meet to gather around a gigantic carved Owl statue, likely symbolizing knowledge and sacrifice. The practice of externalizing psychic concepts into symbolic figures and totems is not yet completely out of style, even amongst the rich, the powerful and the rational. Most of these modern practices of God or Goddess reverence as they pertain to the externalization of symbolic concepts may be quickly brushed away as nostalgic divergence; the question is whether or not it might hold a positive effect or any effect at all, in which case the only real path towards an answer is: try it for yourself.

Found in On the Mechanism of Gods, Godesses, Servitors & Egregores by Frater E.S.