Please read this book. You can read it online.
Rather than going to Netflix or HBO or somewhere else to enjoy 16+ horror or conspiracy videos, read this book.

On personal level, it’s one man’s honest account of losing almost everything, being threatened and beaten, and fighting what seems an uphill battle with social workers, courts, police and media.

On global level, it duly warns of uses of NLP, hacking, brainwashing, drugs and torture for mind control purposes to hide nefarious activities within closed circuit cults.

Abusive Cults in the U.K.

Nathaniel J. Harris on ayhuaska in the wrong hands

Held in high regard among the growing ‘shamanic’ and ‘psychedelic’ communities in the West, ayhuaska, called also yage, and its close relative DMT, are generally considered far more powerful in their effects than LSD, offering an experience that some have described as ‘astral bungee jumping’.

They also work directly on the amygdala, the circuit of the brain that discerns fact from falsehood, resulting in particularly convincing experiences which are storedin the brain as objectively real events rather than mere waking dreams. This makes them particularly effective weapons for mind control, and for exploitative Peruvian shaman to make a quick buck out of tourists in search of religious experience.

Whilst providing a powerful tool for self-reprogramming, the dangers of obsession and delusion should never be underestimated. They are extremely dangerous in the wrong hands.

Found in ENTHEOGENS, from THE NUERONOMICĂčN: A 21st Century Grimoire

by Nathaniel J. Harris (2019.)

Art source: DMT Art : 40 Visionary Paintings Inspired by DMT