AI 5G by 2020

5G network is the talk of electric globe.
According to Ericsson, “By 2024, 5G is expected to cover more than 40% of the world’s population.
5G promise a lot of things:
“Basically, …to provide a real wireless world…the year 2020 will bring a revolutionary change in the field of Communication system where everybody is connected from anywhere, at any time.
You hear about Internet of Things (IoT).
“It is a hyper-connected computing environment that builds on the following: (1) Broadband wireless internet connectivity; (2) Miniaturised sensors built into everyday objects; and (3) Collaborative robots (Cobots), supported by AI and machine learning, interpreting the Big Data collected by the sensors.”

IoT will be run by artificial intelligence (AI).
Ericsson reports that “More than half of service providers – a total of 53 percent – expect to have adopted AI within their networks by the end of 2020. Some are working to an even shorter timescale, and expect to have adopted AI by the end of this year. A further 19 percent are looking at an adoption timescale of within 3 to 5 years.”
According to IOT ANALYTICS, this AI will take over control in transportation, industry , health care and security.
However, before your smart car drives you trough smart city rolling your smart spliffs, hear about what comes up ugly in all of this:
Surveillance state using smart weapons autonomous killing systems to replace you with robot work force bringing on Terminator’s Judgment Day Skynet.

On Ciphers and Korans

Found in ThugGods : spiritual darkness and hip-hop by Melvin Gibbs , from:
Everything but the burden : what white people are taking from Black culture
Author: Greg Tate
Publisher: New York : Harlem Moon/Broadway Books, 2003.

On Great Ramana Maharishi and Lineage without lineage

Ramana Maharishi
One of the greatest saints of India, Ramana Maharishi, was present from  year 1879 until 1950.
His mere walking upon this Earth brought many souls peace and joy and some of this presence is captured in photos of Ramana Maharishi.
It is my understanding that Ramana Maharishi “officially” left no successor to his teaching, because most of it was contained in question “Nan Yar?” or “Who Am I?”. (PDF)

It is sometimes understood that Guru of Ramana Maharishi was sacred hill Arunachala.
But this can mean many things, from Guru being the Elements, Mother Earth, Sacred tradition, 63 Nayanar saints…or that Guru is unmovable, undestructable…and silent.
Many have since claimed having spiritual connection to Ramana Maharishi by taking physical proximity of the sacred hill Arunachala.

Ramana Maharishi did claim some divine beings as his spiritual brothers, but that is another story.
In short, Ramana Maharishi had no human being as teacher and left no human being as pupil.  This is proper because Ramana Maharishi reflected perfectly the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta.
Many Westerners confuse Advaita Vedanta for whole multitude of philosophical and spiritual teachings of India, and Advaita Vedanta is properly classified as just one Vedanta stream, and Vedanta is just one of the six main philosophies of Hinduism.

Mysteries of Saint Ramana Maharishi are innumerable. It is very well possible that Ramana Maharishi taught some other philosophy privately,  but he was very well known for Advaita Vedanta.


Papaji  is best known devotee of Ramana Maharishi. We are lucky to catch many satsangs with Papaji on YT, such as this one: It’s so simple.



Texas born Gangaji met Papaji in 1990.



Mooji met Papaji in 1993.  Mooji is well known in internet era with live satsangs and more. As a dreadlocked Jamaican Mooji fills the image of spiritual teacher for many.

All of these teachers just teach direct Self-inquiry. That is it. They do not teach any yoga, bhakti, meditation, mantra, ritual or sacred literature.  It is my understanding that this is a tradition without tradition, a lineage without lineage, a path without path.

Radha Ma
In Daoism there is a saying: Watch your teacher closely, one day he may escape beyond the clouds.

Point of the saying is you never know when will you lose sacred connection to your teacher, and what will you do after that happens?
Watch your Guru closely, she may self-immolate.


Radha Ma left worldly affairs and settled at the footsteps of sacred hill Arunachala.
In  year 2011 she self-immolated and passed on to samadhi.
It is my understanding that by the act of taking one’s own material body back to elements, Radha Ma left us with ultimate spiritual message:
Don’t look for Guru. Guru is in you. 
Radha Ma Ki Jai!
In this day and age balance between material and spiritual is crucial.  Don’t get caught up in philosophies and personalities.
Understand that any step you take in spiritual battle is filled side by sides with mental illness, physical breakdown, insatiable lust or delusions of grandeur. And so is material life. Even if you zig zag on a crooked path, walk it straight.

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