Egoless – The Last Solitude

Brand new in Egoless sound The Last Solitude starts with epic 6 and half minutes post-techno drive trough whirlwind of deep emotions.

This is second EP from meastro this year as ongoing experiments in meeting place of modular and acoustic, analog and digital, man and culture carry on, with All the Shit Left Behind released in January.

More pronounced direction of free explorations of sound is welcomed presence of vocal harmonies.

Haris Pilton meets Greg Evans – Ting A Ling

Crucial vibes from Haris Pilton and Greg Evans coming up with roots, dub and jungle cuts on Ting A Ling EP for Such A Vibe records.
Nobody sleep on this!

Stranjah – Tips & Tricks

Stranjah channel coming in with nuff “how to” videos on drum and bass sound design.
Featuring both shorts and in depth step by step subject exploration, as well as guest producers shining trough, Stranjah is putting in hard works into making your workflow better.

The Amen Break Universe

Famous “Amen Break”, champion drum loop sampled by everyone, has a long history.
You can catch most of it in this short MixMag documentary released in 2019:

What I want to focus on today is article from 2008 “The Amen Break and the Golden Ratio” by Michael S. Schneider, mathematician.

Human bodies and created sounds, like flowers, crystals and galaxies, can never exactly equal any ideal mathematical template. But the major wave peaks of the Amen Break, and many of its smaller ones, seem reasonably close to being an expression of the fractal nature of the wonderful Golden Ratio. I wonder what it would sound like if it was more precisely proportioned to the ideal, but I also know that slight differences are what make it human and alive.”

Article has since been refuted, for example by Sean Barrett in 2012 “The Amen Break Does Not Involve The Golden Ratio”.

But I would argue that what Michael Schneider saw in Amen Break drum loop still stands in principle, and can be applied to any musical or rhythmical construction:

“A whole line may be divided in such a way that the length of the whole relates to its large part in the same way that the large part relates to the small part. In other words, the same relationship appears on different scales, comprehending a mathematically balanced whole.”


40 days are gone since the sad news of Lee Scratch Perry leaving this earthly domain.
Lee Scratch Perry was fundamental force in shaping of Ska, Reggae, Dub, Techno, Jungle and essentially every modern genre of music.
His legacy is such that he will never be forgotten.

New York Times:

Rolling Stone:

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, reggae pioneer who was producer for Bob Marley, dies at 85


Scratch and me: Steve Barker remembers Lee Perry


Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Visionary Reggae Producer, Dies At 85


Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, 1936-2021: eccentric, brilliant dub legend who heard what we couldn’t

Lee Perry@discogs


Making Reggae & Dub – by Dancetech

One of the greatest series of videos breaking down Reggae and Dub production styles, going over various riddim making. Spanning from 2015 to 2020, this comes highly recommended by Jah Billah.

Benny Page – Turn Down The Lights – LsDirty Bootleg

Jah Billah says: bootleg of a remix is good for you.

It’s truly incredible how far can reggae sample go on.
I remember running a dubstep/jungle refix of this classic Benny Page tune. Now hear this raggatek version by @lsdirty!
Cause it’s friday, you aint got nothing better to do…but bun Babylon!
#LsDirty #Bootleg
#Benny Page #TurnDownTheLights

Celt Islam – STARLIGHT – Future Jungle Mix

Sleepy Time Ghost & Bazza Ranks feat. Shumba Youth & Natty Campbell – Rip it up – FLeCK Remix

My main man FleCk been rippin up any jungle stage anywhere for last years since tears so here comes video to brand new tune out on Irish Moss.


Amid heap of real good regular and special jungle tunes out there, real raw and bloody  jungle wars rages on in year 2019. leaving sounds dead and maimed so do not get caught ina di crossfire. Just search for #junglewars2019 everywhere.

Jah Billah & Sheco Ep Rmx “Raggamuffin” & “Bang​!​Bang​!​”

Second release on brand new AmpliFyah respresenting Sheco madman junglist outa Pula and yours unruly Jah Billah each coming in with vocal and instrumental. Gwan show your support!

R.A.W. And Jamalski Live At Konkrete Jungle NYC