Psycho-Neurobiology and War

On Youtube as early childhood music education resource

On subject of Youtube as early childhood music education resource, Jah Billah says: NO NO NO.

Found in Concers, from Characteristics of Digital Musical Parenting, chapter from:


A Dissertation presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School at the University of Missouri-Columbia

Egoless – Live at Outlook 2018

Straight from the Outlook mix series here comes Deep Medi on the beach with mighty Egoless live set. Presumably sound system is royal Dub Smugglers posse and crew.  You can hear massive and patrons wild out and wail giving it a warmer than warm and realer than real type of feel to recording.
It was a infamous  moment when special Croatian Egoless dubbed out with one of his native mammoth live performances and stepped up the beach with his filling of creations, echoes, reverb and delays. 🙂

Barry Brown​-​Step It Up – Hermit Dubz remix

Lovely vocal+dubwise cut from Hermit Dubz crew outta Birmingham.

Kanka – Interaction

Out today on prolific ODG comes brand new Kanka album. After mashing the youths with heavy dub to dubstep project Alek 6,  this one has been well awaited by the worldwide dubheads massive.

Dub Riots & Indamouse ft. Bluez – Creation

Dub duo outta Greece Dub Riots ready with new movements on Dubphonic label. This time 3 tracks+melodica cut re-dubbing foundation classic inna steppers stylee:

Jah Billah ft. Toyan – DREAD 2018

There is a bit of a story behind this track. Some years ago while at Outlook festival I was hanging out with DJ’s Rahmanee and Fiip Motovunski, a deadly drum n bass duo.
Rahmanee mentioned a certain track, wandering where does the vocal sample come from?

I was thinking for mice elf, this soundbwoy don’t know his 45 from his duplate, at first, but later realized there is something to it. Aforementioned sample probably came from live concert or a soundsystem show tape.

Which bring us to this track: Kahn – Dread. This track got reworked by Gorgon Sound, bridging the gap between dubstep and dub. Both tracks begin with eerie sample from Ranking Toyan – Dread.
It must be a soundsystem show tape, and indeed we can find a clip of it on YouTube named “Toyan Live ’84 @ Volcano Posse Skateland”.
Keeping the original riddim and BPM, Jah Billah builds a track using entire YT sample.

Mastering by Ras Bruno.

Check individual track for free download. Pick up Buy Digital Album option for a donation.
Any donations will go to Rastafari Nyabinghi Center in Jamaica.


Dubmatix & Linval Thompson – Killing Dub (Art​-​X Melodica Version)

MannaroMan & Natty P – Educational Rhyme + Educational Dub

MC Mannaro (Double Spliff sound system, PU) and the music producer Natty P (Bologna) team up for this 4 track+ dubs EP coming in with strikly digital rub-a-dub styles. Check out Educational Rhyme and dub along with rest of this proper wickedness:

Reggaewise – Into the Wise

Jah Billah & Sheco Ep Rmx “Raggamuffin” & “Bang​!​Bang​!​”

Second release on brand new AmpliFyah respresenting Sheco madman junglist outa Pula and yours unruly Jah Billah each coming in with vocal and instrumental. Gwan show your support!

Queen ft David Bowie – Under Pressure (Monodread Roots Refix)

In case you missed it, don’t be a fool and go get it. Monodred refixes Queen and David Bowie combination classic into roots killer.