Dr​.​obi & Anja G – AY CARMELA

You know AmpliFyah music nah stop. This one coming with strong message and larger than larger team on board including maestro Egoless and legendary one and only Darko Rundek.
So turn up turn up turn up the AmpliFyah!

Egoless – Live at Outlook 2018

Straight from the Outlook mix series here comes Deep Medi on the beach with mighty Egoless live set. Presumably sound system is royal Dub Smugglers posse and crew.  You can hear massive and patrons wild out and wail giving it a warmer than warm and realer than real type of feel to recording.
It was a infamous  moment when special Croatian Egoless dubbed out with one of his native mammoth live performances and stepped up the beach with his filling of creations, echoes, reverb and delays. 🙂