Wu Tang Everything

Wu Tang Clan acapellas and King Tubby riddims were pioneer champion mashups choice by Macro Dubplates and staple of Jah Billah selection since way back when.

Seems there is Wu Tang everything prophecy coming true. We reported about Wu+Fugazi as Wugazi before, here comes:

Wu-Tang Clan x Led Zeppelin – The Wu-Tang Zeppelin

Wu-Tang Vs. The Beatles – Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers

Wu-Tang Clan vs ATCQ – A Clan Called Wu : Enter the Marauders

Wu-Tang Clan Vs. Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Wu

Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Tang Meets Rhythm and Blues

Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Tang Meets Jazz

…And many more out there in digital wilderness including Wu Christmas mashups!


Wu-Tang Clan vs B.B. King – C.R.E.A.M

One of the most haunting remixes of all times with 85M views:

Wu-Tang Clan – Back In The Game – Phoniks Remix

Wu-Tang Clan vs Notorious B.I.G. – The Notorious Wu

Banana Zvuk feat. Popay, Chakka & Žan – Legaliziraj Remixes EP

Gwan over to PDV Bandcamp and pick up Legaliziraj Remixes EP.


Check out mash up album Sadevillain from 2016, produced by Seanh. Featuring Sade and MF doom in a mix.
2nd installment of Sadevillain on BC:

The Amen Break Universe

Famous “Amen Break”, champion drum loop sampled by everyone, has a long history.
You can catch most of it in this short MixMag documentary released in 2019:

What I want to focus on today is article from 2008 “The Amen Break and the Golden Ratio” by Michael S. Schneider, mathematician.

Human bodies and created sounds, like flowers, crystals and galaxies, can never exactly equal any ideal mathematical template. But the major wave peaks of the Amen Break, and many of its smaller ones, seem reasonably close to being an expression of the fractal nature of the wonderful Golden Ratio. I wonder what it would sound like if it was more precisely proportioned to the ideal, but I also know that slight differences are what make it human and alive.”

Article has since been refuted, for example by Sean Barrett in 2012 “The Amen Break Does Not Involve The Golden Ratio”.

But I would argue that what Michael Schneider saw in Amen Break drum loop still stands in principle, and can be applied to any musical or rhythmical construction:

“A whole line may be divided in such a way that the length of the whole relates to its large part in the same way that the large part relates to the small part. In other words, the same relationship appears on different scales, comprehending a mathematically balanced whole.”

Fonki Cheff – All vinyl mix

Fonki Chef runs a DJ-ing school and a video series of crucial all vinyl selections delivered with impeccable style. Coming in with nuff flavors, 45’s and 7″ inna extra large mix.
Check check check it out!

Deconstructing Hip Hop

Deconstructing Hip Hop is a great video series running from 2012 way back before “how to sound like” videos, the show in which “geek meets ghetto” a.k.a. where hip hop classics are broken down using original samples and digital audio tools.