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Dub London – Bassline of a City

Great video about dub experience in London along with Museum of London exhibition (closed September 2021) featuring such items as original Channel One sound stacks.



3 minutes long clip of month old Bukez Finezt productions “Shaka Taak” will soon be released in formats available for bassheads worldwide. This track features blasting skanks & reverberating snares alongside digi basslines, flying hi hats &  likkle flute licks that just echo inside your head forever. Headline feature is voice of lion Jah Shaka giving speech about importance of power of bass. This approach of giving respect to legendary soundman by sampling speech instead of soundsystem sessions or vocal albums is similar to “Shaka Impact Dub” by Jah Billah released on soundcloud (whole track just over 3 mins) which features Jah Shaka speech about importance of roots music. Both tracks explore different areas of intensity & sonic pressure within the wide dub scientific field of rub a dubstep.