Please read this book. You can read it online.
Rather than going to Netflix or HBO or somewhere else to enjoy 16+ horror or conspiracy videos, read this book.

On personal level, it’s one man’s honest account of losing almost everything, being threatened and beaten, and fighting what seems an uphill battle with social workers, courts, police and media.

On global level, it duly warns of uses of NLP, hacking, brainwashing, drugs and torture for mind control purposes to hide nefarious activities within closed circuit cults.

Abusive Cults in the U.K.

On Mind control (1955-75)

Selection on Mind control (1955-75):

Battle For The Mind

by William Sargant (1957)

Rape Of The Mind

by Joost Merloo (1961)

An inquiry into the development of cold war as a system of conflict.

by Moynihan, John Joseph (1965)

Physical Control Of The Mind Towards A Psychocivilized Society

by Jose M. R. Delgado (1969)

The Neural Control Of Behavior

by Richard E. Whalen (1970)

The Psychiatric Programming Of People

by H. L. Newbold (1972)

Rockefeller Commission Report (CIA Activities)

by United States President’s Commission on CIA Activities within the United States (1975)

You can only imagine how far mind control application has gone since last 45 years.
In fact, you can see it all around.