The Archaeology of Ecstasy: Psychedelics in the Ancient Mediterranean World

The Archaeology of Ecstasy: Psychedelics in the Ancient Mediterranean World

Illuminati Congo – Plants of the Gods

Immortal Illuminati Congo coming with message. Lyrics like these:
“…I’m talking to Yoda, doing yoga sipping iboga”
“Never did drugs, but I do a lot of plants-Plants of the Gods!…”

Six conclusions on Science of magic

Based on thousands of psi experiments published over the last century by researchers around the world, many properties of psychic phenomena have been discovered.

In order of scientific confidence, meaning the degree to which the evidence has been successfully and independently repeated, six conclusions may be drawn:
1. We have the capacity to gain information unbound by the everyday limitations of space or time, and without the use of the ordinary senses. In the vernacular, psi is a genuine “sixth sense.” Based on the available scientific evidence, this is a virtual certainty.
2. Psi capacities are widely distributed among the general population. Extreme levels of psi talent are rare, but laboratory tests indicate that most people have some discernible ability, whether they’re aware of it or not.
3. These effects arise from the unconscious. Psi abilities can be observed during conscious awareness, but more reliable effects can be detected below the level of awareness via physiological measurements and other techniques used to study “implicit” and unconscious responses.
4. Psi effects are stronger during non-ordinary states of consciousness, such as during meditation, while dreaming, or while under the influence of psychedelic compounds.
5. We have the capacity to mentally influence the physical world, probably not through application of the four known physical forces, but perhaps through as yet unidentified principles that either affect the probabilities of events or “warp” the fabric of space-time.
6. We can gain information from sources purported to be nonphysical entities.

Found in: Chapter 8 TOWARD A SCIENCE OF MAGIC, from:
REAL MAGIC Ancient wisdom, Modern science and A Guide to the Secret power of the Universe,  by Dean Radin (2018)

Art source: Merlin`s Magic by Josephine Wall


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