Kingston Express – Kingston Connection Remixes

Kingston Express Records ready fi mash up di dance with “Kingston Connection Remixes”, finest junglist vocal EP showcase including badman FLeCK, King Yoof, Lion Dub..and more!!! Check out official soundcloud for Sticky Joe and Kingston Express Records.

Dub Disinfo Department

Lee “Scratch” Perry & Subatomic Sound System – Super Ape Returns To Conquer

The Super Ape returns on Subatomic Sound label outta NYC. Opening with spiritually haunting “Zion’s Blood” and going straight into “Chase The Devil” alongside Schreechy Dan & Jahdan Blakkamoore vibing onto “War Ina Babylon” this album represents finest Subatomic production and proper re-appearance of King Muzik Jesus Perry. Four dubs for the dubheads deya!