Soom T ‘Kingdom Rise’ – Beyond fear and alienation

Freegan Kolektiva

This song is too powerful and since there is a second music video for it we decided to re-post…!

Times come for us to deeply reflect about what is the current state of the human condition.

Follow Your Dreams CancelledWhile more than half of humanity is in chronic poverty and almost a billion people go hungry every single day; while wars are still raging on many parts of the planet; while the ideal of ‘democracy’ has been plundered by any possible means through corruption in a world that accepts that a ‘crisis remedy’ is to drive people to indignation in order to save the banks and the corporations. In a society that accepts it as ‘normal’ to leave people with no food in agony and spent billions on campaigns, advertisements, wars….In a society that considers ‘normal’ not to know your neighbours, not to trust others – to be afraid of anything and anyone.

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