“Sakti is Chidroopini. She is pure, blissful pure Consciousness. She is the Mother of Nature. She is Nature Itself. She is the Power of Lord Siva or Brahman. She runs this world show. She maintains the sportive Lila of the Lord .

She is Jagat Janani, Creator of the world, Mahishasura -mardini, destroyer of Mahishasura, Bhrantinasini (destroyer of the illusion or Avidya), and Daridryanashini (destroyer of poverty). Devi is Sakti of Lord Siva. She is Jada Sakti and Chit Sakti. Sakti is Prakriti, Maya, Mahamaya, Sri Vidya.
Sakti is Brahman itself. She is Lalita, Kundalini, Rajarajeswari,and Tripurasundari, Sakti manifested to Lord Siva in the ten form s as the Dasa Maha Vidya, viz,-, Kali, Bagala-mukhi, Сhinnamastak, Вhuvaneswari, Matangi, Shodasi, Doomavati, Tripurasundari, Таrа and Bhairavi.
Worship of Sakti or Saktism is one of the oldest and most wide spread religions in the world. Everybody in this world wants power, loves to possess power. He is elated by
power. He wants to domineer over others through power. War is the out come of greed for power. Scientists are followers of Saktism. He who wishes to develop will power
and a charming personality is a follower of Saktism. In reality every man in this world is a follower of Saktism.”


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