Because of ancient arms-accomplished seizure of land by the most physically powerful and the subsequent arms induced blessing of the seizures by power-ordained “ministers of God,” royal deeds to land were written as assumedly God-approved and -guaranteed covenants.
Landlordism, first woven into the fabric of everyday life by royal fiat and thousands of years of legal process precedent, has become an accepted cosmic phenomenon as seemingly inevitable as the weather.
Humans have learned to play many of its games. Land “ownership” and its omni-dependent comprehensive thing-ownership involvements and their legal-documents-perpetuations constitute the largest socioeconomic custom error presently being maintained by a large world affairs-affecting segment of humanity.
Nothing new about all that. But what is new is that humanity has gone as far as it can go with this significant error and is in final examination as to whether it can free itself from its misconditioned reflex straightjacket in time to pull out of its greatest-in-all-history, erroroccasioned tailspinning into eternity.

R. Buckminster Fuller “GRUNCH* of Giants”
*Gross Universe Cash Heist

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