I. Celestial, Planetary and Astrological correspondences.

Planetary Notes:
C – Mars
D – Sol
E – Mercury
F# – Venus
G# – Moon
A – Saturn
A# – Jupiter

Astrological Notes:
C – Aries
C# – Taurus
D – Gemini
D# – Cancer
E – Leo
F – Virgo
F# – Libra
G – Scorpio
G# – Sagittarius
A – Capricorn
A# – Aquarius
B – Pisces

Planetary Tempos:
Saturn 69.3 BPM
Moon 98.6 BPM
Mercury 66.2 BPM
Venus 103.7 BPM
Sun 118.3 BPM
Mars 67.8 BPM
Jupiter 86.1 BPM
Nepturne 99.1 BPM
Pluto 65.7 BPM
Uranus 97.2 BPM

From Occult Music Correspondence Tables by Aleph9 Waveform Research Journal

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