The Mystery System
This system was divided into two levels, which were exoteric and esoteric. The level, which was exoteric, was the general education that everyone in Kush, Kemet (Egypt), and Nubia were afforded. The level, which was esoteric, was the hidden mysteries, or a secret knowledge that led the initiate to higher state of consciousness. There education consisted of medicine, mathematics, geometry, music, land surveying, trade and commerce and other disciplines as well. These disciplines were applied to all areas of human endeavor. These two forms were found in seven degrees.
Pastophoros is the degree, which teaches basic aspects of medicine and includes all known and unknown sciences. It deals with one physical nature. This degree has influenced the Entered Apprentice because it is said that the
left side of the human body is the weakest and it was therefore that the entered apprentice was in the weakest form.
The initiate advances to the degree of Neocoros, which teaches the structural energy of shapes particularly in ‘geometry’. For example, a milk carton has a pyramid shape and possesses the ability to slow down the organic degradation of organic materials. The tekenu, or obelisk represents the male and female
principles, which continues mankind. It also expresses divine char-acteristics such as the square, which is the symbol that is suspended around the neck of Ptah, and is the throne of Ausar. The circle is the representation of the sun, which is the life giver and depicts Ra in this from. In all, geometry represents continuity and generation of life.
The initiate then advances to the next degree known as Melanophoros and it teaches about the energy forces between life and death states. This degree is directed to the indigenous people because of their high melanin con-tent.
Melanin is a word derived from the Greek word melanos, which means ‘black’. Melanin is a carbon base molecule and carbon is the key atom to life, which is black itself.
It represents universal and unlimited power. Melanin can convert energy into other forms for proper use. It is divine law that everything that exists comes from out of the blackness of the cosmos. From the blackness of the water comes life; out of the blackness of the earth comes forth the plants of the world, which in turn gives other life sustenance; from the blackness of a woman’s womb comes human life and from the blackness of black woman’s womb comes the human race. This degree involves the theology of life, death, resur-rection and immortality through the Ausirian Drama, which deals with Ausar’s or Osiris’ (which he was known as ‘Lord of the Perfect Black’) life, death, resurrection and immortality. This degree is where the Hiram Legend is extracted.
The next degree is Kistophorus, which involves understand-ing the inherent laws of plants, music, colors, magnets, metals and crystals and other elements of the cosmos. It is in this degree, Pythagoras during his learning in Kemet, understood the ‘Music of the Spheres’, which he in turned implemented among his initiates into his cult and the Fellow craft is taught about the inherent laws of the elements as well.
Balahate is the degree, which teaches about the interactions of alchemic laws and nature. This degree is not so much based on the physical plane, but on a metaphysical where like in Free-masonry, working tools or sub-stances becomes allegory and takes on a spiritual use.
The sixth degree is Astronomos, which teaches manipula-tion of cosmic forces.
The seventh and last degree is Propheta, which teaches the esoteric mysteries and secret theology within the priesthood (brotherhood), which lead the initiate of this degree to deification. The duration is 40 years or more, which begins at the age of seven and completed at the age of forty-seven.


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