DUB Deconstruction reveals the metaphysics of presence in a musical work by identifying its conceptual binary oppositions and demonstrating the speciousness of their hierarchy by denying the possibility of comprehending the “superior” element of the hierarchy in the absence of its “inferior” counterpart.
Denying an absolute and intrinsic meaning to either element of the hierarchy différance is revealed (rather than proposed as an alternative ) according to Derrida.

Wiki entry dub edit by Jah Billah reveals that DUB is Deconstruction.

Deconstruction is a term devised in the late sixties by
Jacques Derrida, a contemporary French Philosopher and post-structuralist. At one time being a word to describe the attempt to understand the provionality and ambiguity of communication, over the last decade its use has become more widespread and its true meaning has been lost or even perhaps just ‘morphed’ into something quite different. ‘Whatever its original meaning, in its now widespread use, deconstruction has come to mean “tear down” or “destroy” (usually when the object is nonmaterial).
In relation to the world of audio this term can be used to illustrate an artist or remixer’s process of disassembling a piece of music, only to reassemble it in a personal and unique fashion.

From essey on Deconstruction in Dub from 2011.

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