HARI: A Most Essential Revealed Name of the One True God

Collected Works Archive of Bhakti Ananda Goswami

vishnuHARI is one of the most essential Revealed Names of the One True God, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This Holy Name can be found throughout the World in cognate forms such as in the African Niger related Languages OLU, the Egyptian HERU, Roman SOLE, Greek HELI, KYRIE  and KOUROS etc., Biblical Hebrew ELI, ALI, ARI, ORI, URI etc., Persian HVARE, Sumerian ILU and Indic HARI, HARA, SURA etc. HARI is the Lord’s Name as Rasa Raja the Lord of the HEART, GOD-WHO-IS-LOVE! Even the words HEART, CORE and CARDIO (KARDIA) are derived from the Lord’s HR / KR / CR Holy Name as the LOVER and CHARISMAtic / KRISHNA ATTRACTOR of all souls!
The HEART is the Throne-room or Seat of HARI, the King of all Rasa flavors of Divine Love (Lobha).  Thus the Heart is the HARI-DAYA or DIAS / DIVAN (Throne) of HARI, the Raja / Regent/…

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