Building Anandamidi, part 2

Shantea Controls: Easy Way To Build MIDI controllers

Lots of progress since my last post. I got the plate, already placed most of the components, finished software and just today I made some final adjustments to PCB.

Here’s how the plate looked after I got it and after I’ve put some stuff on it:


That board is really awesome, sometimes I feel it’s not worth even designing anything since the board alone looks so good with anything engraved on it. The fader screws in this picture were not actually those I prepared for Anandamidi. They’re only here since at the time I did not have them yet. LED holders are here, but they don’t contain any LEDs yet. Buttons were originally mechanical buttons, but not anymore. More on that later.

One of the advantages of having 2-plate board (plexiglass+gravoply in this case) is that you can make two different layouts for each board. I used that advantage to…

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