In Chapter One, I alluded to “The Twist” being popular due to a very esoteric principle in sound recording. There are actually two thought inputs into a sound system when a recording is made. This includes what could be termed the “psychic input” of the musicians as well as that of the performer. When the performer stands in front of the microphone and sings, he projectsa thought form into the coil or the capacitative element of that microphone. That capacitative element (the capacitor), basically consists of electronic plates with an insulator designed for the purpose of storing electrical potentials which can be reproduced at a distant point, such as a speaker. There is also an amplification process which amplifies the wave forms and eventually creates loud music at the receipt point (the audience). Sound waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is the electromagnetic function which is the key. Thought forms also make their own impingement on the electromagnetic background of the universe. For example, if you hear sound waves telling you there is a sale at a department store, you have also acquired the thought form that the managers of the store wanted you to have. Sound waves themselves are generally much more easily measurable and discernible than those wave forms produced by thought forms. In other words, the electromagnetic functions of thought forms are much more subtle and is indeed an esoteric subject in itself. But, all of you can easily perceive how thought forms are carried by sound waves when you consider the prospect of hearing something you don’t believe. For example, suppose you hear a politician say something. Inside of you, you can perceive that he is not telling the truth. It is not necessarily the sound itself which tips you off. The radio or sound system is actually projecting a duplication of what emanated from the origination point. You just “pick up on it”. In actual fact, the thoughts you “picked up on” were the result of electromagnetic impulses. The telepathic wave forms are subtle (less dense) in comparison to what ordinary science would refer to as wave forms, but they are nevertheless present and can be monitored within the realm of the electromagnetic spectrum. As I said earlier, it is an esoteric science. We will go more into the technical details of how this can occur in the physical spectrum, but first it will be necessary to go into some background theory on the metaphysics and physics of music itself.

Preston B. Nichols and Peter Moon in The Music of Time (2000.).

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