Melody is the second aspect of the three-fold song of rhythm, melody, and harmony. From melody we can learn much about our relationships with other energies. Melody cannot exist without relationship. One tone by it­ self does not create a melody. As one tone is placed along side of other tones, melody is formed. Melody – whether, spoken, sung, or played upon an instrument – will soothe and alter emotional and mental states. It can balance men­tal stress and it can be used to relieve pain. Who has not seen a mother singing or humming softly to a crying child? (Often the mother rocks the child while doing so, and the rocking helps restore a soothing rhythm to the child’s metabolism.) By singing to the child, the mother links her energies with those of the child (relationship),and the pain or emotion is soothed and balanced. In this way a gentle form of forced resonance is unconsciously employed. Humming or singing a light melody throughout the day to that child that still lives within us is one of the most therapeutic things we can do for ourselves. It relieves stress and helps us to maintain balance. Every melody is comprised of tones that do affect us on many levels. Here’s a way to experience this: While on your way home from work, sing a simple childhood mel­ody to yourself. This will restore balance and help to cleanse your energy of any negative debris you have accumulated within the work environment.

Found in SACRED SOUNDS: Transformation through Music & Word by Ted Andrews.

Llewellyn Publications, 1995.


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