Sumac Dub – Jam Session #8

In recent years around the world in dub nuff sound with looping station start the song from scratch sometimes using beatboxing or instruments or sampling and go into the mix.
By definition, dub is a psycho-acoustic manipulation of source sound material. Material that is somewhat familiar to the listener, like many reggae riddim versions so that one is caught by surprise in change of the sound. This gave birth to remixing, sampling, and other styles of sound culture ecological recycling. But future dub warriors sometimes do not dub from master tape, cassette tape, DAT, or USB, but create sounds from the scratch and go into the mix.

Here Sumac Dub throws in turntable sounds to accompany ambience of birds and synths until full blown riddim mix emerges.
Follow trough as jam session goes from slow live playing, looping and scratching, to ruff and dub mixing.
Well Kids and Elders, is that DUB nuff?

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