Musical Activism

Acting as vocalist and riddim section dubman in production duo Anarcho Overdub Assembly first Jah Billah recordings were released around 2006/2007 trough Egoboo.bits online portal which pioneered the concept of Wiki musical label and explored the frontier of creative commons.

Within online Versionists musical community Jah Billah DUB tribe grows with musical fruits developing various mixing styles such as „madman DUB“ and „8-hand octopus DUB“, applying the principles and philosophy of analog elder DUB founders to push the limits of 21st digital DUB.

Original Versionist online community was a place where artists and fans uploaded and exchanged musical tracks, stems, loops, acapellas, samples, dubs, remixes and constructive feedback …in endless stream of highgrade reggae music and daily formed artist combinations.

Special projects such as Open Dub Foundation investigated the idea of first real time DUB tele conference.

Sheer amount of musical works forge Jah Billah skills to DUB music coming from source file, session recordings, MIDI, mp3, or any other format working with various DUB producers and vocalists. From digital dub engineering Jah Billah steadily progressed in musical production to riddim version making, remixes, mushups, blends and full on song writing.

Many dubs & remixes arise with dub activists like Bandulu Dub, Hornsman Coyote, Haji Mike, Sista Caro, Ras Bruno, Clinton Sly, Process Rebel, Maffi, Waitapu, Shan A Shan, DU3normal, earlyW~Rm, Buds Kru, Irie Revolution, Manudub, Tony Dubshot and numerous other dub artisans.

From years 2008/2009 and onward many singles, compilation or album features and mixtape releases found and lost their way to various podcasts, musical websites and various online labels. Artists freely exchanging knowledge, skills and services free for all is always at odds with interests of corporate monopoly capitalism and industry technological limits which curb culture and progress. As you see it, most of the early online projects are down due to monetary demands (unless uploaded to

Which begs the asking of digital zen question, a Jah Billah dub koan:
„What sound does mp3 make when the streaming site is down?“