Iyano Iyanti is an emerging roots reggae singer from Kingston, Jamaica who sees his music as a positive force. The only child of a working single mother, Iyano was born in 1983 under the name, Deano Ira Hall, but in 2008 he experienced ‘consciousness’ under the teaching of Rastafari and started using the moniker, Iyano Iyanti which means “righteous force emerging.” Music was a pulsing energy flowing through his veins. He recalls that as a child, he was always singing and chantingeverywhere he went. While his mother and other family are gifted musically,Iyanti’s main musical influence came from his grandfather, the late James W.Boyd who had been a member of the original Alpha Boys Band.
He felt the first stirring to create and share his music with the wider public in 2003 after leaving high school, but it was not before 2008 that his dream of making music bore fruit. Among the first singles that he released locally were an eclectic mix of roots reggae rhythms, “We can make it better,” and “Jah, please be there”.He experimented with lover’s rock in “Roses” and reggae fusion with pop in“Feed me Music”. While his music was received well by the local market, without the adequate marketing and management capacity, he was only able to push his brand so far and no more, and so efforts to launch his music career internationally failed.
Two years later, at age27, he put his music career dreams temporarily on hold and turned his attenti onto acquiring a tertiary education, which led to him successfully acquiring a Diploma in Industrial Electronics and Electrical Maintenance from HEART –NTA in2012. He is currently pursuing a Degree in Renewable Energy.
With his newprofessional qualifications under his belt, Iyano has once more refocused hisenergies on taking his music to the universe. Since his debut in 2008, Iyanohas recorded and produced to date over 50 songs including one album, called“Ghettowise”. His first producer and mentor was Dennis “Jah-D” Fearon, original ska instrumentalist and key figure in the formative years of reggae music in Jamaica. Jah-D is credited for shaping and moulding Iyano’s music into what it is today,an elemental fusion of feeling music which embraces the listener as though inseasons, fierce and fiery at times and cool, nurturing, soothing at others, yet always honest and relevant. Another person who has been helping to leverage Iyano’s music, especially in overseas markets is Jah-D’s son, DiavallianFearon, who also produces Grammy winner, Damien Marley.
The unique sounds of thisnew artist has been making small but growing ripples on the entertainment media landscape. A number of his singles suchas “We can make it better”, “My Love” and “Jah Please be There” now receives someairplay locally on Irie FM, a market leader in the reggae radio market with ahuge listenership. He has also been interviewed by popular disc jockeys Steven Golding and Empress who co-host a talk show called “The Corner” on NewsTalk 93FM. Overseas in the UK and Europe, the album, “Ghettowise” is also receiving fair airplay.
Iyano’s music can best be described as uplifting message music with a clean, refreshing sound. His social commentary on social issues, love,unity, human struggle, and injustice are universal themes that will resonate with people seeking more than a bass rhythm. It’s music that he is confident his listeners will feel good vibrations from; it is music that he hopes will bring a positive change in society. These inspirations come from his strong Rastafarian faith.
As his music gets heard,it is generating more interest from producers as far as Europe,South Africa and the United Kingdom. Iyano has caught the attention of Croatia-based dub producer, Jah Billah, SouthAfrican producer, Bereket Tafar I of Riddim Yute Production, and Jamie Cambridgeof Ghettowise Records in the United Kingdom who produced his first official album called Ghettowise.
Hungry for a chance to release a stream of positivity into even more wider channels of the universe this aspiring artist is eager for his date with his musical destiny.
Iyano is currentlyinvolved in marketing his music and courting event promoters.
Listen online at
Bookings and Press: 1876-396-4478; 1876-504-5090; Bobocity7@gmail.com; iyanomusic@gmail.com1607089_278072645684427_2061509529_n

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