Magu Shan Dub Tong

Special Joint Magu Shan Dub Tong Foundation is a universal network of players of instruments and singers of hymns.


Founded by Jah Billah around 2013, Magu Shan Dub Tong is a
specialised digital label. After running a series of singles, full length album compilation project with Jamaican vocalists Iyano Iyanti is released in 2017 titled „Global Showcase Volume One“ featuring artists like Monodread, Buds Kru, Process Rebel, Dr. Obi, Seed Organization, Dubsmith, Tony Dubshot and more.

Dr. Obi from Bamwise
Dr. Obi is Zagreb’s busiest live dubber. Check some of his studio styles at official Dr. Obi Soundcloud.

Bademah & Monodread from Bass Ul Ulema
Bass Ul Ulema are Sarajevo’s dubbiest sound crew from way since when. Monodread is the fastest dubber & check out some deep Bademah conscious bassline styles.

Buds Kru
Buds Kru run highgrade Dub & Roll studio and label outa Sweden with outernational stable of artists. Record label dedicated to Dub / Roots and soundsystem culture operating world wide promoting conscious music!

Seed Organization
Green House studio boss owner and sound magician. Along studio services check his site for some pro audio tips.

Process Rebel
Dub Champion outa Amsterdam, SubPac explorer and sound innovator with lyrical likes of Maga Bo and many others.

Tony Dubshot
Analogue madness scientist, Tony Dubhost runs Dubbhism and experiments with harmonics and ultra sound ina labwise fashion.

Ras Bruno
Ras Bruno is well known dub activist with veteran status breaking the boundaries of analogue and digital with productions and instruments playing.Check out many musical fruits on Ras Bruno Soundcloud!