In 1995, a hard core drummer starts creating music on PC in DOS, and he gets fascinated enough not to stop composing and playing electronic music anymore. He starts calling himself The Eggg, and releases the debut album for the Acid Juice label (1997), full of an old school jungle and techstep, followed by the second album Next Level (BMG 2001), swimming somewhere between hip-hip and break beat. About 10 tracks (jungle, BB) are chosen for miscellaneous compilations. As “Port Brasta Crew”, he produces mostly dub (about 7 albums between 2001-2008 for the Lowbass Area label). He indulges in a dubstep freedom as “Wr1ng” nowadays mostly on DPR rec. label. He made remixes for Andy Horace, DJ Vadim, Izzy Dunn, CJ Reign, Shaun Escoffery, Amy,Rochelle, Mirikal, Katy Perry, Blondie, Side9000, Ans, Phillip TBC and others. Dubstep and Dub moods still dominate in his tunes but hardtek and acid influences now comes in.

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