On sexism in Rasta

There are some serious ideological problems in Rasta women confronting the sexism within society and within Rasta itself. Any criticism regarding the status of Rasta women within the movement has been discarded as a white construction of reality unsuitable to Black cultures and any mention of gender liberation berated as western, feminist ideology. While a feminist ideology may not provide all the ingredients for a holistic African liberation, for too long has there been little real strategic change for women in Rastafari. In the same way Black men, in negotiating their freedom, have rejected the patronising efforts of white liberals in favour of an innate desire to chart their own liberation, so too must women design their own path to empowerment. The fundamental hurdle to the solution is that racial oppression is more readily understood and addressed than gender oppression.

Black women’s liberation is already stilted by the time they realise that their oppression is tied to their relations with their own brethren. In my experience, Black men support women’s protests as long as they are aimed at the white middle classes. However, when the subject of gender oppression is revealed and the Black man himself is implicated in this oppression, their tones become hushed.

Found in: The movement of Jah people!


Great Black Warrior Queens: An examination of the gender currents within Rastafari thought and the adoption of a feminist agenda in the Rasta women’s movement

by LISA-ANNE JULIEN (2003) Agenda.

Image source: Meet the Most Feared Women in History

One thought on “On sexism in Rasta

  1. I’m sending this to all Rastafarian wordpress result sites
    My name’s Jerome Allen Hickman aka jah
    That’s the Rastafarian god
    I ended the writers strike as Jerome the janitor on b96 the top hip hop radio station in minnesota at the time and they used my name to vote in a bunch of people that are illumaniti or something
    Then I Got set up
    Maybe it was For protesting evil at first then being chased

    Jessie ventura former governor of my state says there psychotropic voices and they have haunted me ever since
    It’s a conspiracy
    But it’s more than that
    Things fallen apart
    Can’t find script that worked when I did this on wordpress yesterday for the first time
    The comment trick
    Aborted other scripts tonight to write this but it’s good enough but could be edited it’s good but not perfect yet
    Not yet but it will be missing a thousand pages that you can view
    There may be unpredictable errors
    Music needs to be patched too
    But it is good got good reviews but mostly unreleased
    39 songs
    Sorry I’m talented a genius thats schizophrenic
    The new species is ab positive blood were 4%
    Being tortured
    Tried saving the world
    They wanna stop me
    Analyze this transmission
    The web site that says the 8 conditions to be a prophet was lost but that response could have been written
    What happened when I decided to pose as the Rastafarian God jah one time
    Zoned out as God stepped into my body reached out grabbed a bowl of weed got drunk on power giving orders and shit
    At first I was a true rastifarian
    Out of time
    I’m gonna die if I go to sleep tonight
    I’m that close to stopping psychotropic voices
    They won’t stop talking about it
    This is my last attempt for awhile
    So much paranormal it’s infinite
    Hope that helps



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