Performaces & Releases

As a selector Jah Billah started playing out strictly underground and
unreleased dubs and specials from similar artists like Jahtari, Don Fe, Dubsmith, Maffi, Ras Amerlock,Bandulu Dub, Haji Mike, Sista Caro and many others. This lead to idea and performance of entirely special set such as one which was featured during International Dub Conference at Tübingen in year 2009. Not talking about special version DUB set or different DUB mix perfomance but playing unreleased unheard custom built musical album tailored for the occasion and mixed on the set for the unique, first, and once in a life time DUB experience.

Opening the set for legendary DUB master The Scientist in Zagreb’s KSET club Jah Billah showcased a hybrid analog/digital setup playing rootsstep music in year 2010, all with old master’s nodd of approval.

Keeping the fire alive with Zagreb’s longest on-going musical programme Reggae Tuesday at Masters club from year 2010 and onward, Jah Billah took on selection of various regulars, dubs, specials,blends, mashups and dubplates displaying many colors across bass genres born out of reggae music playing 8bit, cumbia and moombathon DUB and as well as presenting all of Croatia’s reggae sound acts as guest DJ’s and selectors, and beyond.

In year 2014 at Pula’s Seasplash festival Jah Billah performed alongside legendary raggamuffin MC Jamalski showcasing a custom built MIDI controller designed by Jah Billah and engineered by Shantea Controls. Named Anandamidi, this machine kills badmind soundboys controlling Deckadance DJ software and deadly duo of Interruptor’s Tape Delay.
Jah Billah produced riddim launched outernational hit tune in year 2015 with female rap anthem hitting the chart tops when Remi & Sassja recorded „Etikete“ for Sassja’s debut album.

In 2016. Jah Billah produced DUB for „Dubs For Syria“ a unique project uniting over 60 artists against the war.
No matter if the cause is cultural or technological, club small or festival big, tune large of never heard before, Jah Billah recipe for musical selection is same for musical production:
„Something old, something new, something ruff, something nice!“